Applied Informatics and Research Inc.

Working in the field of aviation by applying the application of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics as well as the principles and practices of Flight Safety to produce products and services. We support analysis, help with the establishment and ongoing operation of your FDM program and perform client directed research in order to derive "information leading to actionable safety results" all based upon your recorded flight data with specific relevance to the following fields.

Software Development and Sales (Flight Data Monitoring)

The design and development of the Flight Analysis System software program.
  1. FASTER - Trace and Engineering Replay
  2. FASAAR - Advanced Aerodynamic and Radar Reconstruction
  3. FASET – 3-D Animation System
  4. FASET AI – Aircraft Accident Investigation Toolsuite
Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FDA/FOQA)
  1. Recommend and Quote for FDM In-House Software Solution
  2. The End-to-End delivery of an Outsourced Directed Flight Data Monitoring Program. FDM Program can including the establishment and operation or consultation related to the following:
    • Budget
    • Operational Manuals
    • Association Agreements
    • Configuration of Special Analysis Events
    • Report Production ( Automation and Templates )
    • Investigation Support and best practices.
    • Mathematical and Statistical Analysis.
    • Fuel and Economic Analysis Performance
  3. Flight Animation and Flight Line Brief - Debrief System: WebFAS

Air Accident Investigation;

  1. The design and development of Flight Analysis System software programs.
  2. Flight Data Recorder Analysis
  3. Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis
  4. Radar Data Analysis
  5. Computer Graphics and Animation productions
  6. Mathematical Analysis