Flight Data Monitoring FDM Services

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)
Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Services is a recognized part of an effective Safety Management System (SMS). FDM offers the proactive element of an SMS program, it allows you to monitor your operation, verify your standards and training programs and validate corrective actions taken as a result of other SMS inputs. It is a cornerstone of SMS. When required, the results of these programs can be used to develop action plans to improve flight safety. Additional benefits can be achieved through FDM, including fuel monitoring programs, economic studies, and maintenance initiatives for example.
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The AIR Group can assist with:

  • Full implementation of a managed service, eliminating the need for highly specialized internal FDM technical expertise.
  • Customizing service to suit airlines specific operations
  • Preparing investigative assistance for significant flight safety events
  • Producing standard or customized reports
  • Providing access to highly qualified experts who can design new measurements and processes

Special Reports and Animation Capability

At the AIR Group we specialise in producing high quality reports, providing opportunities for insight into operational safety and also potential quantifiable savings to the operator. Reports such as single engine taxi usage, thrust management, reverse thrust and reduced flap usage, taxi times to and from gates and APU usage are examples of studies that AIR provides to operators to assist in achieving operational and economic advantage. Further highly realistic animations are possible utilizing AIR’s Flight Analysis System (FAS).

Simplified FDM Procedures

Data Transfer to Ground
  • Flight data is transferred to a ground based replay center located at the customers facility or AI’s data center by either manual quick access recorders (QAR), Digital Flight Recorder or Wireless means.
Flight Data Analysis
  • Data is replayed utilizing Aerobytes FDM* software which detects programmed events and deposits the events in a secure database for the analysts to review.
  • Data is analysed for any special “Commercial” related items if optioned by the operator. **
  • Retrospective analysis studies can also be supported.

Validation Process
  • Analystsreviewthedatatoensurevalidityofthe events and select significant events, for review by the FDM team.
Review Process and Remedial Action
  • Significant events and trends are analyzed by the FDM team.
  • Reports are prepared and made available.
  • Action initiatives can be tracked over time to provide positive feedback and determine the program’s effectiveness and impact under SMS requirements.

* Trademark Aerobytes Limited
** Please see Fuel and Economical Analysis Tool information sheet