FE2AT (Fuel & Economic Efficiency Analysis Tool) 


Fuel & Economic Efficiency Analysis Tool

Through the use of Applied Informatics and the backing of one of the world’s major airlines (Air Canada), the AIR Group has brought to the industry a unique and innovative product for improving Economic Efficiency.

FE2AT is a complete and powerful data analysis programme that allows for a comprehensive examination of your aircraft’s (or your entire fleet’s) Economic Performance. FE2AT bases its results on the actual Flight Data collected from your aircraft. FE2AT identifies inefficiencies that seriously affect profitability. This innovative use of already available data is groundbreaking – it will prove to be invaluable to your organization.

“Data needs to be thought of as a precious commodity”
Wall Street and Technology 2004

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Potential applications for FE2AT within your organization are myriad – they include the following:

IATA has indicated that between 2005 and 2010 the only operational cost that airlines were unable to reduce was fuel cost. FE2AT can tackle this issue head-on by identifying excess fuel use in your individual aircraft or fleet. You can manage the rising cost of fuel. The time to act is now.


Economic Efficiency 


* Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization