Flightline Data Collection

The Remote Data Uploader (RDU) offers a simple, cost effective and efficient procedure to transfer your airline’s QAR data to your FDM/FOQA/FDA system. Designed for simple operation with minimal training and oversight required for your maintenance personnel, the RDU uses a multi-card reader for streamlined transfer of the PCMCIA flash cards. The data is available for processing within minutes.


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 Remote Data Uploader

Key benefits:

  1. A single hardware and software solution allows for the handling of multiple manufacturers types/formats on one single hardware solution.
  2. Check for Tail Registration and if unavailable enable registration entry
  3. Erase PCMCIA card, condition card and signal availability for return to service
  4. Automatic identification of problem cards and suggest handling process
  5. Compression of flight data transmission
  6. Transmit compressed flight data to SFTP server
  7. Automatic generation of card download statistics
  8. SFTP server receives data
  9. SFTP server decompresses data and copies to FDM/FOQA/FDA file server

 Remote Data Uploader