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About Us

Applied Informatics and Research Inc

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Who we are

Our staff, and the products and services we develop are recognized worldwide as being leaders in their respective fields.

Our commitment toward the advancement of aviation safety and the reduction and avoidance of circumstances that lead to injury and loss of life is our paramount goal.

We service a broad spectrum of customers with particular and varying needs of complexity related to their flight data analysis and presentation requirements.The philosophy for building our software tools and services systems is simple: provide data-driven analytical tools that make flight data monitoring FDM/FOQA and accident and incident investigation work a precise, fact-based science.



Applied Informatics and Research Inc. (AIRINC) staff have in excess of 100 years of combined aviation products and data services delivery to the Aerospace Industry. Specializing in Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis producing software products and services for Safety Investigation, Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FOQA) and Flight Recorder Playback to meet maintenance requirements.

AIRINC is positioned to offer complete off the shelf, end to end solutions or the production of custom solutions to meet your requirements. Our consultancy group can assist you with leading edge “Big Data” solutions for economic, maintenance and/or safety applications. In addition, we offer a complete range of investigation services from single incident occurrence analysis to providing expert witness services, primarily to manufacturers and operators.

By applying the relevant disciplines in the application of computer science, mathematics and physics as well as the principles and practices of flight safety, we produce high quality data analytics products and services. We support detailed broad ranging analysis as well as meet all the requirements of a modern flight safety investigation department. We can assist with the establishment and ongoing operation of your FDM/FOQA program and perform client directed research in order to derive "information leading to actionable safety results" all based upon your recorded flight data.


Our products and services are relevant to the following fields:

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FDA/FOQA)

  • Safety Dashboards

“Big Data” Analytics solutions

  • Can be used to compliment your existing FDM/FOQA System and expand into the field of Maintenance
  • FDM hosting

Flight Recorder Playback Centre Maintenance Applications

  • DFDR/CVR for all manufacturers

Consultancy Group for Custom Solutions

  • Detailed Investigation Support
  • Expert Witness

Why Work With Us?

Our staff are committed to this mission and develop products and services recognized worldwide as leaders in their field. With advanced analytical tools and highly detailed software solutions, AIRINC supports a wide range of customers such as:

  • Airlines
  • Military
  • Government investigation agencies (Civil and Military)
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Avionics manufacturers
  • Maintenance repair and overhaul facilities (MRO)

We work in partnership with your existing tools or can provide a complete line of stand alone solutions. We can establish an ongoing operational FDM/FOQA program via our hosted FDM services offering and perform client directed research in order to derive information applicable to your operational safety, economic and reliability profile.

Our flight recorder playback center offers a complete cockpit voice recorder (CVR) intelligibility certification including initial installation certification and flight data recorder (DFDR) correlation checking certification. The work meets all OEM Specifications and Government Regulations. We are an authorized Flight Recorder Playback center for Honeywell.

Whether you are looking for a new product or services supplier, changing from one existing product or service supplier, AIRINC is your logical choice.

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