Aircraft accident reconstructions and data analysis

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AIRINC provides computer aided accident reconstructions, radar, Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) data analyses as well as airspace reconstruction and flight path computation with data synchronization. Our team can attend expert meetings and provide deposition and testimony as required. We specialize in the computerized integration of radar data and flight recorder data, cockpit voice recorder data, non-volatile memory (NVM) analysis and air traffic control (ATC) communications. Additionally, we can integrate weather and terrine information to provide world leading computer animations of the accident and/or incident sequence.

AIRINC principles have been faculty members of  international institutions of aviation safety  teaching aviation accident prevention, aircraft accident investigation and have provided detailed analysis on more than 100 aircraft accident reconstructions.

We provide accident reconstruction with the use of:

  • Recorded Radar and Flight Data
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder data
  • GPWS, EGPWS, TAWS and other NVM computer readouts

With this information, AIRINC can produce still graphics, complete animation productions as well as mathematical and statistical data analysis, complete with flight path reconstruction, data synchronization and "Exhibit" productions.

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