Flight Safety Services

Complete and comprehensive Flight Data Monitoring
(FDM/FOQA) hosted analytical service

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Flight Safety Services

Complete and comprehensive Flight Data Monitoring
(FDM/FOQA) hosted analytical service

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Flight Data Monitoring FDM/FDA/FOQA

AIRINC offers a complete and comprehensive Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FOQA) hosted analytical service as part of an effective Safety Management System (SMS). Our services allow you to directly monitor your flying operation, verify your standards and training programs as well as validate corrective actions taken as a result of SMS inputs. As required, the results of these analytics can be used to develop action plans to improve flight safety.

Our analytical services have been developed over 20 years through our involvement with various companies in the field — National Research Council Canada, Airborne Data Technologies,  The Flight Data Company, Teledyne Controls and Airbus.

Benefits that can be achieved through selecting our analytical services include access to:

  • Real Time Safety Dashboards
  • “Big Data”: Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Analysis such as fuel monitoring programs
  • Economics (SET, RTU, APU, ACD, RNAV and GHG studies, reactive and predictive maintenance (Mx) initiatives)
  • Conditional automatic notifications sent to managers and support personnel

AIRINC are leaders in the following areas:

Particular emphasis on: pilot analysis of all Class ll and Class III events, safety and performance dashboard implementations, and special reporting and animation capabilities.

Simplified FDM Procedures

  1. Data Transfer to Groundstation for Analysis

Flight data is transferred to a ground based replay center located at AIRINC’s data center by either manual quick access recorders (QAR), Digital Flight Recorder or Wireless means.

  1. Flight Data Analysis

Data is replayed utilizing  FDM software which detects programmed events and reposits the events in a secure database for analysts to review. Data is analyzed for any special “commercial” or business intelligence related items if optioned by the operator. **

**Retrospective analysis studies using Lumina, are also supported.

  1. Validation Process

Analysts review the data to ensure its’ validity of the and select significant events for review by the FDM team.

Review Process and Action

  • Significant events and trends are analyzed by the FDM team
  • Reports are prepared and made available
  • Dashboards are automatically updated with validated information
  • Action initiatives can be tracked over time to provide positive feedback and determine the program’s effectiveness and impact under SMS requirements
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