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Our Flight Analysis System (FAS) has been tailored for the aviation community and is based on over 20 years of experience in the production of leading edge data analysis systems.

FAS, provides you with critical insight into your flight operational profile and/or single incident investigation. Applied Informatics offers a tailored solution specifically constructed to give you the most expansive visualization programming features available on the market today, all while keeping in mind the cost conscious business environment in which you operate.

Our business philosophy is straightforward: “To provide our customers with solutions and value so they will honor us by selecting our products and services”.

Let’s talk about FAS – AIRINC’s flight analysis system. FAS is our full software suite, which includes several modules. Within the broad spectrum of our FAS software suite, we offer a series of aircraft analysis and presentation system modules. These modules include:

  1. FASTER (List/ Trace Engineering Replay Module) — is a flight data and cockpit voice recorder interface software. FASTER allows for the decoding of both flight recorder binary files and tabular data and the presentation of same.
  2. FASET (Flight Animation System module) — It’s based on more than twenty years of research and development into visualization technology through aircraft accident/incident investigations and Flight Data Monitoring.
  3. MAS (Maintenance Analysis System for aircraft maintainers) — which allows maintainers and large organizations to view aircraft data to increase aircraft servicibility by providing direct access to either the QAR and/or DFDR information without the need to install expensive and complex software within the airlines OT environment.

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