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FAS - Flight Analysis System

Flight Analysis System, FAS, is our complete and powerful software system that has been tailored for the aviation community and is based on over 20 years of experience in the production of flight visualization, flight recorder playback, flight training, and investigation tools. FAS is designed to provide the customer with insight into their flight operational profile and/or single incident investigation by offering the most expansive investigation programming features available on the market today, all while keeping in mind the cost-conscious business environment in which we find ourselves.  FAS is modular in design allowing the user to adopt those modules deemed necessary for their particular needs.  FAS also has an authoring environment that allows the user to make their own system configuration changes and construct their own in-house toolsets.

FAS’s revolutionary design is built using web enabled technologies making it possible to convert your projects to shareable, secure, encrypted and password protected files comprised of fully interactive plots and animations via the web.  Secure web based distribution makes it simple to disseminate data plots and animations. For more information on the modules available for FAS see FASTER, FASET, and WebFAS from the products page.

AIRINC can assist with:

  • Expertise; no organization has more experience in flight recorders and flight animation than AIRINC
  • Importing and decoding of flight recorder binary data files (QAR/DAR/DFDR)
  • Import of various other data sources such as Comma Separated Value files and Flight Simulator output files.
  • Data trace and plotting tools for data analysis
  • High fidelity flight animation tools for augmented understanding of your flight data.
  • Web enabled data plotting and flight animations allowing secure dissemination for the purposes of investigative collaboration, management presentation or crew training

FAS Revolutionary Web Technology

We have adopted a software development methodology which leverages to the greatest extent possible, widely distributed and web-enabled visual environments, development toolkits and systems. FAS’s revolutionary design makes it possible to convert your projects into fully interactive plots and animations via the web to share as secure, encrypted and password protected files with the use of our WebFAS module.


Authoring Tools

FAS’s authoring toolset gives our customers the freedom to make system configuration changes, edit content and create new instrument displays.  Users can even create their own displays. There are tools to:

  • Compute flight paths
  • Make flight path corrections
  • Manage, correct, and derive data parameters
  • Add events or detailed text markers along the flight path
  • Insert, remove, position, and size flight deck displays
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