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FASET - Flight Data Animation

Flight Data Animation, FASET, is the FAS software module for flight data animation. It is based on more than twenty years of research and development into visualization technology through aircraft accident/incident investigations, and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). FASET is completely compatible with various GSEs and as such, can be seamlessly integrated.

Below is a link to an EMB 190 animation created with FASET converted as a WebFAS project.


Password: AIRINCDemo2

AIRINC can assist with

Leveraging the power of flight data animation to:

  • validate and investigate FDM/FOQA events
  • investigate incidents and accidents
  • pilot operational or airport awareness training
  • to generate secure, encrypted and password protected fully interactive plots and animations to share via the Web link
  • produce high-fidelity animations for presentation purposes

High Fidelity World Environment

We have adopted a software development methodology which leverages to the greatest extent possible, widely distributed visual environments.  With this in mind, we have chosen to integrate FASET with the Cesium Geobrowser and X-Plane Simulator as independent animation rendering environments to provide our customers with feature rich and photo realistic World Views.

FASET’s imbedded Cesium geobrowser uses high fidelity, planet wide, imagery to generate an accurate 3D world view.  The dynamic view will zoom in to see continents, regions, countries, cities, and finally individual houses, trees, and other natural and man-made objects.  In addition, since Cesium is completely WebGL compatible there are no issues with the security risks associated with embedded Plugins injected into your browser.



Like all other animation suppliers, we replicate cockpit instruments and drive them with recorded and derived flight data.  There are many issues however with this approach so in addition to replicated cockpit displays, we also provide a generic display template optimized to investigate FOQA events, incident and accidents.  There is an important difference between displays designed to communicate data to a pilot for the purposes of flying an aircraft and displays designed to communicate data to a flight data analyst for the purposes of understanding what happened.

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