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Lumina is AIRINCs solution to enhancing the analysis and reporting capabilities of FDM software allowing for free play questioning of recorded flight data. Designed and implemented over five years with a major airline (over 250 aircraft) as well as being implemented with smaller airlines, Lumina was developed to work in conjunction with several FDM manufacturers systems. Lumina can be used to greatly enhance any FDM and Maintenance program while allowing users to query the data in ways not possible using, for example Aerobytes FDM alone. Not only does it negate the need for retrospective analysis it is also much faster than traditional systems and can provide outputs in formats not possible using standard FDM.

What does this mean for example to a typical Aerobytes user with many flights in their database? Most will know that as a database gets larger listing events or plotting values can take several minutes. With Lumina it takes seconds! For example, where a new State Value may take 10 seconds per flight to generate, dependent on hardware, to extract and save to the Aerobytes’ database, the same value can be extracted from 50,000 raw flights in minutes using Lumina. In addition, multiple values can be exported to allow users to search for correlations or patterns.

Why Lumina?

While most, if not all FDM systems contain definitions for events and values for many anticipated scenarios, new situations often arise requiring new analysis. Who would have anticipated the issues with B737MAXs? Once the initial concerns were raised over AOA differences a report was generated using Lumina. Thousands of flights over many months were quickly analyzed. Solving the problem in a traditional FDM system would have required an entirely new analysis of all flights and subsequent plotting which is simply not practical especially when considering that any refinement would require reanalysis, it would quite quickly surpass reasonable time threshold. Lumina eliminates that barrier allowing you the time to focus on what matters most, the results of your query, wherever that takes you.

Using Lumina, the query took seconds and the results showed this operator had no issues allowing it to make a decision on the safety of their fleet without delay. Another area where analysis within most traditional FDM Systems is not possible is related to economic studies, these by definition are continually evolving. However, with Lumina users can extract numerous key performance indicators and display them in ways not otherwise possible to date.

What can Lumina do for you?

The capability to plot approaches and customize mappings by colour coding as you see fit.

Quickly visualize trends in several different graphical formats that are easy to share.

Plot a years’ worth of flights in minutes not days and address both airborne and taxi concerns.

Plot data to assist you in easily visualizing patterns.

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