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MAS - Maintenance Analysis System

AIRINC’s Maintenance Analysis System (MAS) service solution has been tailored for aircraft maintenance support. Our MAS System is based upon the WebFASTER software system and is structured and implemented in such a way that it allows operators to gain straightforward access to readily available airline flight data sources limiting the need for expensive flight recorder “pulls” and subsequent RTS bench testing. MAS allows for the programming of a number of critical maintenance related detectable conditions, which when met, can allow for an automatic notification to be sent to the appropriate ground staff for verification and actioning.

How is data transmitted to MAS?

  • With the use of wireless technology, i.e. Wireless Ground Link® quick access recorder (WQAR), SAGEM WEFA which fully automates the data collection process by recording and wirelessly transferring flight data from the aircraft to the network, without any media handling hardware pulls and/or human intervention.
  • With the use of Remote Data Upload (RDU) equipment for automated data capture and delivery to the MAS analysis server, via simple PCMCIA media installed on the aircraft.
  • The operator can be provided with automatic packaging and data transmission upload site after DFDR download by HHDLU or other hardware on the AI Server.
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