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FASTER - Trace and Engineering Replay

Trace and Engineering Replay, FASTER, is the FAS software module for flight data and cockpit voice recorder import and replay.  FAS has the ability to import data files downloaded directly from Flight Data Recorders QAR/DAR/DFDR.

It also has the ability to import various other types of files directly into the system such as:

  • Comma Separated Value Files (CSV)
  • Simulator Output Files

Once converted by FASTER the system allows for Graphical and Textural presentations, Flight Splitting, Flight Phase Detection and Programmable Conditional Search Tools. Batch file replay is also supported.


Demo password: AIRINCDemo1

AIRINC can assist with:

  • Decoding of flight recorder data from QAR/DAR/DFDR
  • Importing of CSV data
  • Importing Simulator output files
  • Frame layout files defined using xml format similar to FRED Standard
  • Replay data in tabular and/or plot views for analysis
  • Synchronizing audio and CVR text with flight data
  • Facilitating incident and accident collaboration with WebFAS
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