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WebFAS - Web Flight Data Animation

WebFAS, is a revolutionary game changing web enabled software application. It makes it possible to upload fully interactive animation content onto our servers for secure distribute of those animations. WebFAS replaces the need to produce cumbersome videos and/or to distribute antiquated limited use viewers around your organization. The animations and plots are viewable, but not downloadable, by the end viewer. The creator of the WebFAS presentation controls when the animation or plot expires and the password security to protect their potentially sensitive data presentations. WebFAS is a reliable, high-fidelity method of sharing your work with others whether for information and education distribution, airport familiarization or to elicit feedback from the flight crew involved, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming travel to a safety office.

Like our FAS software system, WebFAS is modular in design allowing the user to adopt those modules deemed necessary for their particular needs. The two modules available for WebFAS are WebFASET, our flight animation module and WebFASTER, our data plotting module.

Follow these links to see live examples of WebFAS projects.

Demo password: AIRINCDemo1

Demo password: AIRINCDemo2

The AIR Group can assist with:

Secure web based distribution makes it simple to disseminate data plots and animations

  • between incident or accident investigators
  • between data analysts
  • for management presentation
  • to crew for debriefing of FOQA events
  • as mass distributions for training purposes
  • as mass distributions for airport familiarization

WebFAS User Guide

Mobile Technology

WebFAS is a Web application and therefore requires a modern Web browser in which to display its 2D and 3D visual content. Presently, WebFAS supports the following four Browsers.

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