Applied Informatics Responds to Heartbleed Bug

Dear Customers,

You may have heard in the media about a recently discovered widespread software security vulnerability, known as CVE-2014-0160, affecting the communication protocols used by a vast array of Internet services.

We at Applied Informatics and Research have thoroughly examined our own systems as well as those that we host and manage for our customers. We have determined that none of our Internet-visible systems are susceptible to the flaw, either because the affected software is not in use on those systems, or because the specific version of the software used on those systems is not affected by the flaw.

For further information about the vulnerability, and how you can check and update your own systems, please refer to the following site for specific technical information:

For general article information about this vulnerability please visit:

As a recommended best practice it is always wise to regularily change the passwords you use to access your sensitive information this is now especially true for all transaction accomplished through https.

Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.


Applied Informatics and Research Inc.

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